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White House’s All-Inclusive Cybersecurity Directive – What does it all mean?

By Sarah Austin


On Tuesday, July 26 The White House unveiled a new policy directive specifying how the federal government will react to growing and rapidly evolving cyberthreats.


The new directive implements principles from February’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan. Most importantly, it reinforces the White House’s policy that cybersecurity is a team effort.


Under the new directive, the FBI will be responsible for coordinating the response to an immediate threat, and the Department of Homeland Security will be responsible for managing the effects after an attack occurs. The directive will also require the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security to keep an updated list of contact information to assist those impacted by a cyberattack and report it to the proper authorities.


In addition, the directive confirmed that the White House will continue to use executive orders to authorize sanctions that punish those who engage in malicious cyber-conduct. The sanctions will be similar to those used against North Korea after the Sony Pictures breach.


Moreover, the directive seeks to clarify who victims of a cyberattacks should call in the midst of what the White House believes to be a revolution of the cyberthreat. As threats increase, the White House seeks to implement policy that encourages the government, industry, and citizens to work together to keep our nation safe.

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