Twitter Crackdown by Iranian Government (With Tweets From an eLL Embedded Contact)

s As rioters continue to protest the recent election in Iran, the Iranian government’s internet blockade has becoming increasingly stringent, threatening to rival that of China’s. Currently, reports that Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, the BBC, and YouTube websites have been blocked, controversial keywords are prohibited, and numerous blogs have been restricted.

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Twitter’s Global Reach May Foster a Revolution

s By now, you're probably familiar with the post-election chaos taking place in Iran. s What you may not know is that Twitter, a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read each others' updates, is being used in a revolutionary new way (pun intended). s Since the controversial election, the Iranian government has suppressed foreign journalism and mass-media outlets from covering the protests and other events related to the election backlash.  The people of Iran, and primarily the supporters of Hossein Moussavi, would not be silenced, and have been persistent in alerting the world of the events that are unfolding.  That's where Twitter comes into play. s

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