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President Obama’s Budget Proposal Seeks $19 Billion to Launch Cybersecurity National Action Plan

President Obama presented his final annual budget proposal to Congress on Tuesday, which included a $19 billion request to support the launch of his new Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP). The $19 billion request reflects a $5 billion increase in current spending. The President insists that this investment will ensure that Americans will have the tools to protect themselves online, companies will be able to protect their operations and information from hackers, and the government will be able to defend itself against cyber attacks. Some highlights of the CNAP include:


• $3.1 billion to form the Information Technology Modernization Fund, which will rebuild the federal government’s aging computer systems.


• The formation of the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity, comprised of top business and technical non-government employees and thinkers, who will advise the government on the newest technical solutions and the best cybersecurity practices to protect privacy and public safety.

$62 billion investment to attract qualified cyberprofessionals to the workforce. A portion of the funds will be used to establish scholarships for students who wish to obtain a cybersecurity education and work for the government. In addition, the government will offer loan forgiveness for students who pursue careers in the cyber profession.


• The appointment of a Federal Chief Information Security Officer, who will be the first ever senior government official whose sole purpose is to focus on developing, managing and coordinating cybersecurity strategy within the Federal government.


Increased investment in the President’s 2014 Buysecure Initiative, which seeks to empower Americans to protect themselves by using multiple factors of authentication when logging into their online accounts. This program also encourages companies to accept more secure forms of electronic payment, such as microchips, instead of magnetic strips on credit and debit cards. Additionally, the program seeks to reduce the use of Social Security Numbers as online identifiers of citizens to protect against identity theft.


You can find out more about the CNAP here.

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