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Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework

The preliminary version of the Cybersecurity Framework was released yesterday, October 29th, for a 45 day comment period. The completed version of the Framework will not be released until February 2014. This 45 day comment period will give the President time to consider comments and recommendations from the nation’s public and private stakeholders. The administration is taking comments and concerns regarding the Framework seriously because it is a voluntary program and the government aims to have it become voluntarily adopted by the nation’s CEOs.


President Obama met with 8 CEOs yesterday to discuss the Framework, and the conversation focused on ways in which the administration can encourage its adoption. According to a White House Press Release, “Participants discussed the need for framework adoption by both critical infrastructure and by their suppliers — and the difficulties involved in helping small and medium sized business to adopt best practices.”


The collaborative efforts in the development of the Cybersecurity Framework have just begun. According to Michael Daniel, the President’s Cybersecurity Coordinator, the feedback during the 45 day comment period will be considered when the administration generates the final version. The administration has expressed gratitude for the feedback it has already received, stating “Thanks to the tremendous amount of input received, we believe the Preliminary Framework provides a flexible, dynamic approach to securing critical infrastructure services by strengthening capabilities to manage cyber risks.”


In an effort to gain more feedback and allow companies to test the Preliminary Framework, the National Institute of Standards and Technology will hold a workshop November 14th and November 15th at North Carolina State University.





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