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POTUS Conducts Live Twitter Q&A About The “Fiscal Cliff”

President Obama took the Twitter yesterday to share his views on the impending “fiscal cliff,” as well as to conduct a live Q&A with fellow tweeters. The President, who led the online session from the Roosevelt Room in the White House, set out to “explain why Congress must act” and to “encourage people around the country to continue to add their voices to the debate,” according to the White House.


Some highlights include:

hey guys – this is barack. ready to answer your questions on fiscal cliff & #my2k. Let’s get started. -bo
@mike5673 high end tax cuts do least for economic growth & cost almost $1T. extending middle class cuts boosts consumer demand & growth -bo
@dontbeaprat cuts w/out revenue = reductions in student loans; work/study & college tax credits expire. Bad for growth. like your hair! -bo

@Mica4Life da bears still gotta shot, despite sad loss this weekend! plus rose will return for playoffs!!! -bo


You can view the entire Q&A here



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