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Thought Obama’s BlackBerry Saw Its 15 Minutes of Fame Come and Go? Think Again . . .


Barack Obama’s BlackBerry makes headlines again, this time touting its “super-encryption” features.  Reports reveal that the President gets to keep his BlackBerry after all, despite attempts by security officials to “pry” the device from him.


Reportedly, his BlackBerry will be used for routine and personal messages; and the new features were designed to prevent hackers from doing what they do best – hacking!


Something tells me that hackers are resourceful enough to obliterate any wall built to prevent them from coming in.  In fact, the sheer challenge to crack an “impenetrable” code is usually enough incentive to garner the attention of a would-be hacker.  Remember the teen from Jersey who after 500 persistent hours of nonstop “hacking” while on a diet of Red Bull decoded the venerable Apple iPhone and released the code to the world?  Well, I predict that we will not hear the end of the President’s BlackBerry.  The security issues raised by the President’s use of this device are numerous, and there will likely be more news reports to come on this issue.  Only time will tell, I guess.  But, kudos to the President for putting his foot – or palm – down and insisting he stay “connected” to the real world.

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  1. Last month I got my first BlackBerry. Even after such a short amount of time I cannot fathom the idea of not having one. I felt Barack Obama’s pain when security recently tried to take away his BlackBerry. Although the Presidents BlackBerry does cause some major security issues, his insistence on keeping it is well founded. Once people get used to being notified of every email they receive, going on the web from almost anywhere, and being able to type Word documents from the palm of their hand, BlackBerry’s seem impossible for them to live without. The idea that the president will use his BlackBerry for personal rather than official uses is a good way to prevent valuable information from being seen due to the ever present threat of hacking. All in all, BlackBerry’s are a great tool to keep people connected and once you get one you will never be able to go back to a regular cell phone!

  2. Personally, I use a Windows Mobile device, though it would have the same security vulnerabilities (probably even MORE so). The only reason I prefer it over a Blackberry is the third-party software support; the number of developers for Windows Mobile outnumber that for any other mobile platform, leaving the end-user with a greater variety of useful, innovative, and inexpensive (sometimes free!) applications. Not to mention, native Microsoft Exchange support for on the go syncing.

    The Windows Mobile OS is speculated to be revamped 4Q 2009.. If Microsoft somehow manages to meet this deadline, it might be worth checking out before upgrading your plan.

    In any case, being stripped of your Smartphone for the next four (or more) years can seem, to some, like a Gitmo-worthy “Cruel and Unusual” punishment. I totally agree with Danielle; once you see for yourself, you’ll never look back.

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