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“Nowadays, there’re so many blogs on eDiscovery and most of them seem to repeat or rehash what has been blogged or reported elsewhere. The eLessons Learned blog is refreshing and worth keeping an eye on.”

-Cher Devey,  eDisclosure Myth or Reality




The creator of eWhiteHouse Watch also created eLessons Learned with a similar vision in mind: To provide readers with useful and timely information about how technology impacts our legal system and our lives in a way that is easy to understand.


eLessons Learned features insightful content authored primarily by law students from throughout the country. The posts are written to appeal to a broad spectrum of readers, including those with little eDiscovery knowledge. Each blog post: (a) identifies cases that address technology mishaps; (b) exposes the specific conduct that caused a problem; (c) explains how and why the conduct was improper; and (d) offers suggestions on how to learn from these mistakes and prevent similar ones from reoccurring.


eLessons Learned has been recognized by the ABA Journal as a Top 100 Blawg among the more than 3500 law blogs that exist; and is fast becoming the site of choice for employers, employees, judges, lawyers, and journalists who are interested in learning more about these areas without being intimidated by the complexity of the topic.


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